Mr. Eastern America 1951

By Vic Boff

Reprinted with permission of AOBS

Marvin Eder, Super Iron Game Athlete, has been long recognized the world over--pound for pound, as one of the greatest and strongest men ever in the realm of human strength. His feats of incredible muscular power with a magnificent physique will remain legendary in the records of the Iron Game History.

At a bodyweight of 190-200 pounds he performed:

- Olympic press - 335 lbs.
- Press behind neck - 305 lbs.
- Side press, left hand - 220 lbs.
- Press up on parallel bars with 434 lbs.
- Bench press - 515 lbs.
- Still arm pullovers - 250 lbs.
- 80 "wide arm" chins - 8 reps with 200 lbs.
- Plus many more extraordinary feats of strength.

On Saturday, October 7, 1989, at our 7th Annual AOBS Reunion, we proudly honored and conferred our highest achievement award to Marvin Eder.

If Marvin hadn't been deprived of his amateur status by narrow-minded authorities, experts calculated that he would have established Olympic lifts and totals in the 198 lbs. class that would have staggered the lifting world and kept the medium heavyweight crown safely in America to this very day.


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