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Fortune has aligned with
dozens of companies world wide.

Enter Rep # 7996264 (if needed)

VerizonFHTM TravelocityFHTM True EssentialsDish NetworkGE General ElectricCitiBankFonVantageUUNETHomeVantageSprintNextelT-MobileHealthCare CardAlltelFHTM Lifestyle EssentialsGoSolo

What makes Fortune Hi Tech Marketing different than any other Network Marketing Business you have ever looked at?

The Editor of Millionaire Blueprint Magazine states “... if I ever made the decision to get involved in any network marketing company, I would join this man and his company. The concept of the company is unique, it is financially strong because it is backed by Paul himself, and he has major dollars. Major national companies are lining up trying to get his company and distributors to sell their products. His compensation plan is like no other in its generosity, and millions of dollars have been spent on the support and technology for the distributors.”

“Fortune Hi Tech Marketing was started with a unique premise: an unprecedented pay plan that gives sales representatives more money back than they invest”... Millionaire Blueprint Magazine

Fortune Hi Tech Marketing will never be a publicly held company. That allows the company to make decisions that benefit the representatives rather than the stockholders, which is the number 1 reason Paul continually finds more ways to pay his reps. At Fortune more profit means more pay increases. In the last 7 years there have been over 30 pay increases plus the Lexus car program paid out to Reps.

There is NO aggressive selling of products. You are your own best customer. In most cases you and one or two friends or family members are the ONLY customers you will ever need.

For Telephone Orders, use Rep # 7996264

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